charlie bear in front of the window.  i love the way this light falls on his fuzzy bear body.  he is such a handsome old man…
thank you, evie

i was feeling particularly vulnerable today, and though the last place i wanted to be was in front of a camera, i put myself there anyway.  i pulled my favorite everythings into my favorite light and sat.  evie sensed my emotion and stepped in to say hello.  the focus falls behind us but the moment captured is one of the most precious we have.  i’ll take it.

in that space
i felt
overwhelming emotion.

with her little wet-nose-kiss
she showed
me truth.

the whole gang chillin’ in the front yard.
i see more and more signs of evie night-night’s spoiling as she gets older.  i scold her less and laugh at her more and, for some reason, i didn’t even care that she dug up my pepper plant to sit here.  pretty sure it’s a good thing i have pet-kids instead of people ones…
serious pups.
in the quiet

wordless relationship holds only what is true.  there is no dancing around and no room for false fronts… the transparency is frighteningly beautiful, honest, and real.  still, even without words, there is space for mistakes and forgiveness.  and for grace and moving on.

without fail, if i leave the dustpan within reach, charlie bear finds it, scoops it up, and heads to the front door.  the sounds of this are familiar now—the hard clack of teeth on plastic followed by quick steps on the hardwoods—they cue me in quickly.  when he has this, his favorite toy (for whatever reason), he takes on his playful, youthful look, and i forget he’s my old man.
evie night-night in a sun spot sporting her sweet, soft, sleepy look